Meet The Hosts!

For better or worse… we are the hosts of the Indie Beginning Podcast. We are Marie and Benjamin and we love stories. We love long ones, short ones, stories in song, and on screen. We love to tell stories, read stories, and write stories that only we will see. We also want to help others get their stories out. There are so many well written and entertaining stories out there that simply never get read. Who has the time? That is where this podcast comes in. It is our humble attempt to help others get their stories to people who love to hear tales while on the go. So, read on my friends and learn a bit about the people behind the voices.

Bald man red shirt laughingBenjamin Franke

I remember the first book I fell in love with. It was a Sesame Street book featuring Grover called The Monster at the End of This Book. Thirty-something years later I can’t remember the house I lived in, what my mother looked like at the time, or anything else about this period of my life, but I can remember this book. I remember how wonderful it felt when I learned to read. I think I was a little behind the rest of the class (and to this day I am still a slow reader) but those few words led to a lifetime appreciation for stories. I remember the first author I fell in love with, she wasn’t an author when I fell in love with her, but she was beautiful, happy just to be happy, and full of stories. She still is and for the record she’s not mine… I’m hers; you will meet her below.

Stories have power. They lift us up, tear us down and take us away. I have built friendships over brief conversations about books that have grown and last to this day. They have the power to change our beliefs and fuel movements. Lives have been saved and sadly lost due to the content of stories.

My love for stories has lasted to this very moment and I am lucky enough to live in a time where I can do my job while listening or reading (depending on whose driving, I follow that long white line for work) to books and music. Now I find myself in a place and time in my life where I can take that love for stories and the people who tell them and turn it into whatever this may become. I am extremely excited and a little nervous about the possibilities and I hope that we at Indie Beginning can bring these stories the voice that they deserve.

woman necklace eyesMarie Kammerer-Franke

When I was in the 3rd grade we had an assignment; write a story about a place we had learned about in Global Studies. I remember the story I wrote. It was about a red balloon who was let go of during a carnival.  That red balloon didn’t know where to go, so it thought about where it’s family members had traveled and how those trips ended not so well for a balloon going to the Alps, or the sun. That was the first time I wrote a complete piece. The first time a teacher told me my imagination was the most vivid thing they have ever encountered and I’ve been creating ever since. Each time they get bigger and bigger and bigger until Earth wasn’t big enough to hold my imagination. Then I moved to galaxies.

It wasn’t until I had kids of my own that I took these worlds and creations turning them into a bedtime story for a 2 and 6 year old.  Now that my children are adults I took A Charming Nightmare aging it also into adulthood.  Something for my boys to open again today.

As an Indie author one thing that surprised me is how alone in each and every aspect of this process you truly are.  I would spend days sifting through ideas learning and trying out everything I should not do with my book A Charming Nightmare.  The one thing that I saw time and time again is how you and your title drown in a sea of others just like you; trying to get noticed.

When Indie Beginning came across my desk; it was a breath of fresh air.  A way for indie and independently published authors to get their work out to readers!  Something that was above and beyond the repetitive interviews, and endless stream of social advertisements.  And vice versa for readers; something new for them to hear a section of a book that they would have never known about before.

ACNbooks and Indie Beginning has changed my outlook and career path from being a writer to finding more ways to bring authors and readers together.  Over time, with high ambitions and even larger dreams ACNBooks will bring you another avenue from our podcast and a reader’s cafe to advice and services.