Theocracide: An Audiobook Introduction


Theocracide: An Audiobook Introduction

Aliens bent on conquering the world are closing in on a weakened America. Epidemic alien-flu leaves people afraid to go outside their homes. The Undying Emperor is drafting Americans of all ages despite the plummeting population.

Nobody really cares.

Jason, like everyone else, lives in a fantasy facilitated by computer glasses that project images right over the parts of the world he doesn’t like. With a sports scholarship and an amazing new girlfriend, he leads his college team from one victory to another. As long as they ignore the constant barrage of terrible news, their lives would turn out to be perfect.

Until the government discovers his father’s secret. Until his artificially perfect world comes crashing down. Will Jason and his allies survive the manhunt long enough to finish his father’s work – to commit theocracide and set the world right?

Author Bio:

Born with the unfortunate talent of lying, James Wymore spent his youth explaining things he said before thinking. He studied science to add believability, until he discovered writing justifies untruth with meaning. His published works contain almost every genre, including the best-selling Actuator series. Find out more at

Next week we discuss the introduction and also learn what inspires James Wymore as well as traps in character development.

Also next week Marie and I will be discussing the future of Indie Beginning and ACNBooks. Let us know how the podcast has played a role for you. Leave your messages on our facebook, twitter, or webpage. All readings in this episode were performed by Marie Kammerer Franke with permission from the author. All production and editing was done by myself. I am your host, Benjamin Franke asking everyone to read more books, be the best possible you, and to simply enjoy this wonderful life. Thanks for listening.

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