Werewolves and Weapons: Keeping Popular Subject Matter ‘Fresh’ In Your Writing.

This week the Indie Beginning Podcast brings our listeners an interview with indie author MacCraw where we discuss his novel Ravage: Apocalypse of Wolves and how he kept the popular theme of werewolves fresh. If you missed the introduction that Benjamin Franke read or just want a refresher before the discussion head back to episode 41. If you enjoy tales about werewolves or are interested in learning more about the indie / self-publishing process, these discussion episodes are for you. Let us know what other topics you are interested in by leaving a comment or sending us an e-mail.


In this Episode:

1. How do you keep a story fresh and new with a topic such as werewolves.

2. There are many weapons used in the beginning of the story and you do a great job of differentiating characters with weapons. Was this character based or possibly inspired by popular first-person shooter style video games? Or both?

3. Right off the bat we see how quickly characters can (and do) come and go, have you ever been connected to a character to the point where it was difficult to write them out of the book?

4. What made you decide to forgo chapter breaks?

5. What is the one thing that you wish you knew about being an indie author when you first headed down this path?

RAVAGE: Apocalypse of Wolves is available on Amazon. Remember to leave a review for this story as well as all of the stories you read. Reviews are such an important way to support an author and they only cost but a few moments of time. In fact, Reviews help podcasters as well. As a self-funded podcast there really isn’t money left over for advertising. Your reviews, word of mouth, and love of books is what keeps Indie Beginning running. If you’ve enjoyed this show please leave a 5-star review on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or your preferred podcast platform.

All reviews in this episode were taken from Amazon, Goodreads or one of our Indie Beginning pages. Music found in this episode was written and performed by Jahzzar and titled Look Inside. If you are an indie author and would like to hear you story featured on the indie beginning podcast go to ACNBooks.com/submit for more info.

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