The Sangrook Sage by Steve Thomas: An Audiobook Introduction

This week Marie Kammerer Franke will narrate the beginning of The Sangrook Saga by Steve Thomas; a dark fantasy tale that follows the morbid history of the sangrook clan. Are the Sangrooks necromancers… demon-worshipers… deranged torturers? Or are they all of that and more. Turn the lights down and allow Marie Kammerer Franke Introduce you to the Sangrook Saga.


Tune in next week when we talk to indie author Steve Thomas about his story, the line between fantasy and horror, using short stories as a basis for a novel, and more.

The Sangrook Saga is available on Amazon. Learn more about this featured beginning and Steve Thomas on Facebook. Remember to leave a review for this story and all stories you read when you finish. Any review left for this story at ACNBooks will be featured on next week’s episode. You can also help the Indie Beginning Podcast by leaving a 5 star review for us on ApplePodcasts, Stitcher or wherever you listen to your shows. Reviews are so important for any project. They promote the show and help us bring you the best content possible. Indie Beginning is an ACNBooks production.

If you are an Indie Author and would like to hear your beginning read on the podcast stop by our submission page for more information.

All readings in this episode were performed by Marie Kammerer Franke with permission from the author. All production and editing was done by Benjamin Franke. Go to for contact information. Please continue to read more books, be the best possible you, and to simply enjoy this wonderful life. Thanks for listening.

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