Mermaids, Myths, and Your Manuscript: A Conversation With Indie Author Errin Stevens


This week we speak to indie author Errin Stevens about her novel Updrift, mermaids, using writing to suspend disbelief, and what she wishes she’d known about writing when she started. Errin’s answer is one of the most inspirational shoulda-coulda-woulda answers that I’ve recorded for the Indie Beginning Podcast, so don’t miss it. If you missed last week’s episode where Marie introduced readers to Updrift or would like to hear the introduction again before we begin head over to episode 35.


This week’s Topics:
1. There is a rush to the water that is crossing age and culture with The Shape of Water, Meg, and The Little Mermaid remake. What inspired you to head to the ocean in your novel, Updrift?

2. As a lover of mythology and paranormal I’m often amazed how the stories stick with me though the decades. What do you think it is about these stories and the creatures within them that stick with us? Which ones have stuck with you?
-Ben and Marie discover some facts about mermaids that was unexpected.
-Some benefits of water therapy.

3. What research went into “updating” the mermaid mythos to fit into a modern story?
-Marie and Ben discuss their ‘guilty beliefs’ when it comes to paranormal.

4. In your opinion, how does an author create a tale that allows the reader to suspend disbelief? What trick have you learned that takes the reader to a place where merfolk are real?
-Lesson! Start in the middle.
-Our hosts open up about their writing preference.

5. If you could go back and tell yourself one thing about the writing process that you wish you would have known, what would that be?
-After more than six months of episodes each shoulda-coulda-woulda author moment inspires us to write. This moment is no different; it’s the most positive answer we’ve had to date!

You can find Errin Stevens’ books Updrift and Breakwater on Amazon and most other book sites. Remember to leave a review for these stories as well as all of the stories you read. Reviews are such an important way to support an author and they only cost but a few moments of time. In fact, Reviews help podcasters as well. As a self-funded podcast there really isn’t money left over for advertising. Your reviews, word of mouth, and love of books is what keeps Indie Beginning running. If you’ve enjoyed this show please leave a 5-star review on apple podcasts, stitcher, or your preferred podcast platform.
All reviews in this episode were taken from Amazon. Music found in this episode was written and performed by jahzzar and titled Look Inside. If you are an indie author and would like to hear you story featured on the indie beginning podcast go to for more info.

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