Updrift by Errin Stevens an Audiobook Introduction


This week the Indie Beginning Podcast introduces readers to the YA Fantasy Romance Updrift from indie author Errin Stevens as read by Marie Kammerer Franke. This story follows Kate and her mother Cara as they pick up and head to the ocean for a new beginning, and a new adventure. The story begins with young Kate taking a splash – quite literally – and finding a new friend; a friend unlike any other she has ever had. Mermaids, love, new beginnings… what else could a story lover ask for?

Tune in next week when we discuss researching mythology, inspiration and more with Errin Stevens. How did this story come to be? What is the best way to create a tale that inspires the reader to suspend disbelief? Our interview will also include one of our most inspirational ‘Wish I’d Known’ segments to date. Do not miss this one!

Updrift is available on:

Amazon    Audible    iBooks    Barnes & Noble    Book Depository    Kobo

Learn more about our featured author:

Website    Goodreads    Facebook    Twitter: @errinstevens    Instagram    Pinterest

If you are a self published author or published with a small independent publisher and would like to be a featured author on the Indie Beginning Podcast head over to our ACNBooks Submission page for more information.

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Music found in this episode was performed by Jahzzar and is titled Look Inside. Read more books, be the best possible you, and simply enjoy this wonderful life. Thanks for listening!

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