The South East Asia Influence: A Conversation With Indie Author Robert A Webster

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Ben and Marie sit down to discuss reviews left for last week’s featured indie beginning, Fossils by Robert A. Webster. If you missed the introduction, head back to episode 29 where you can listen to an audiobook format introduction as performed by Benjamin Franke.

Fossils: Viagra, Snuff and Rock ‘n’ Roll follows a group of unlikely geriatric rockers as they travel around South East Asia trying to flee adoring fans, the media, and the music industry in general. No one likes those guys! Being from South East Asia himself, Ben and Marie thought it would be great to learn about how this experience influenced this hilarious indie author.

This week’s topic questions:

1. How much influence has living in Cambodia had on your writing? What has had had the most influence?

2. Are there any drawbacks to being an author in south east Asia? What are the major difference between there and Cleethorpes?

3. Is there anything that is just more difficult to accomplish? For example, we recently introduced authors to a book written by Alieu Bundu from Sierra Leone and he had to travel to, and wait for, internet cafes to open just to send audio files.

4. I have read that your stories have been well received in Asia?

     4A.      Have you had to translate your stories?

     4B.      Do you think that Asia (south east Asia in particular) is under marketed in the writing field?

5. If you could go back and tell your early writing self one thing about being an author what would that be?

Fossils is available on amazon. Learn more about Robert A. Webster on his sites stormwriter or buddhasauthor. Remember to subscribe, rate, and review this podcast as it helps us bring you the best possible show. Let us know your thoughts! Follow Indie Beginning on Facebook, twitter, and Instagram and leave a comment on any of our posts. Better yet leave a comment below (I’m pointing down, but you’ll just have to take my word!) we will always reply. This episode was brought to you by Head there now to find a shirt that tells your story. Indie Beginning is an ACNBooks production. Please remember to read more books, be the best possible you, and to simply enjoy this wonderful life. Thanks for listening! Oh yeah, don’t drink too much you git! (listen to the show, you’ll understand)

This week on the Indie Beginning Podcast!

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