Fossils by Robert A. Webster as Read by Benjamin Franke an Audiobook Introduction

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It is our goal to bring story lovers and indie authors together through reviews, dialog and unique topic discussions. Sad news in the indie beginning family, Marie’s grandfather Don has passed away and I wanted to take a moment for us to send our thoughts and prayers to Marie and the rest of our family. I’d also like to send my thoughts out to the universe. Living in different states, we weren’t able to visit as much as we’d have liked. It’s hard breaking through that Minnesota ‘Game of Thrones’ style wall of ice, but when we did Don was always so happy and full of stories, which I can only assume is where Marie fell in love with books. Don will be missed, and I am saddened to say goodbye to a wonderful man I wish I knew more. It is only fitting and somehow universally frightening that we had already scheduled the story Fossils by Robert A. Webster. This story follows a group of geriatric rockers as they meet, form a band and become a sensation! They become so adored that they must flee many countries in order to escape their crazed fans as well as the media and record companies. I will admit here that I adored this beginning and hope you do as well. Don, I hope you’re up there with a fish on the line and a beer in your hand, have a story ready for everyone when we catch up. This indie beginning is for you!

This week on the Indie Beginning Podcast!

2 Replies to “Fossils by Robert A. Webster as Read by Benjamin Franke an Audiobook Introduction”

  1. This is the beginning to what seems like a hilarious book! Ben sounds like he should read to me every time in I’m in the car. So glad my wife and I discovered your podcast! Keep up the great work Acn books!


    1. Thank you so much for the wonderful words! It’s always nice to hear that we’re getting out there. There’s plenty more coming for 2018 and 2019 is booking fast!


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