Small Publishing Starter Houses and When to Move it on Up: A Disscussion With Author John Abraham-Watne

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Last week we introduced you to Last Man On Campus by indie author John Abraham-Watne about a young man named Michael Sinclair who heads off to college only to discover a mystery that may change his entire life. We left off just after Michael has listened to an introduction speech by the headmaster and have already been teased a little about the college’s past in a conversation with Michael’s father. Head back to episode 27 to hear the introduction.

Author Questions:

1.-What made you decide to go with a small press such as North Star over being more traditionally published?

2.-What made you decide to go with a small press over the more popular Create Space, Author House, or KDP for your novel?


3.-How did the process go to use your publishing company?  Was it the standard “here is my work, publish it” or was a  negotiation (back and forth) of sorts?

4.-Are you going to stick with indie for your next piece or will you be querying agents for a more traditional approach-why or why not?

5.-If you could tell you past self anything about this journey what would it be?  What advice would you offer to a writer just beginning their journey?

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This week on the Indie Beginning Podcast!

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