Last Man on Campus by John Abraham-Watne as Read by Marie Kammerer Franke

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Welcome back to the Indie Beginning Podcast where we bring story lovers and authors together through reviews, dialog, and unique topic segments. In honor of all of those who recently graduated high school, and may I say here congratulations to my niece Hannah, we thought that we would bring you a thrilling mysterious tale about a young man just beginning his college career in John Abraham-Watne’s Last Man on Campus as narrated by Marie Kammerer-Franke.

Michael Sinclair did not want to attend Malworth University. The smallest major campus in Minnesota, located in the sleepy western town of Cold River, was never the ideal space to find himself. And once Mike discovers the secrets that lay behind the school and the town, he delves into a mystery that could change his entire life. Does he dare become the Last Man on Campus?

John Abraham-Watne lives near Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis with his wife, Mary, and their two cats, Marble and Scout. This is his second novel. He has done freelance journalism with the Minneapolis Examiner since 2009.

Not only is this a special episode because it comes from Marie’s home state of Minnesoter it is also our half-way mark for the year. We’re at the hump! Let us know how we’ve done so far this year by leaving a rating and review on the podcast platform with which you are listening. Comment on our webpage or you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter where we will also see your comments. What did you like? What did you hate? I have tough skin and all criticism is a learning tool for us.




This week on the Indie Beginning Podcast!

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