Silver Lining by Alieu Bundu an Audiobook Introduction Read by Ben Franke

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Welcome to episode 25 with our featured indie author Alieu Bundu and his heart-wrenching read Silver Lining. This audiobook introduction follows a smart twelve-year-old boy named Alimu as he struggles to get an education in a land ravaged by a rebel war. Through abuse and injustice Alimu must fight, survive, and pray to Allah for the strength and fortitude to carry on. Will Alimu achieve his educational dream?

This story is a refreshing look at how youth view education and an eye-opening revelation as to how many of our youth around the world live day to day. Who this story affects and how depends on geography. A westerner may be shocked to hear some of the day to day activities these children endure while our main character Alimu would be stunned to see how many of our western children take school and their teachers for granted. I am glad to have this story locked in my mental library and hope you add it to yours and share it with your children. Purchase your copy on Amazon.

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This audiobook introduction to Silver Lining by indie author Alieu Bundu has been sponsored by Shirts by Sarah. Head there for all of your unique shirt ideas. Indie Beginnings theme song was written and performed by Damiano Baldoni and is titled Vittoria. Indie beginning is an ACNBooks production. All readings in this episode were performed by Benjamin Franke.  Thanks for listening!

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