Transgression by Brandy Ange – An Audiobook Format Introduction


Transgression by Brandy Ange as read by Marie Kammerer Franke

After learning that Angels and Demons are real and among us Achaia is forced to pledge her allegiance. When it’s not just her life on the line, but her father’s as well, Achaia’s options are less than ideal. Forced to choose between angels who want nothing to do with her, and demons who want too much, it’s tempting to just let fate decide. This week we bring you Brandy Ange’s Young Adult Novel Transgression, book One in the Kingdom Come Series. Leave a comment or review below and we will include it next week when we speak to the author about angels, demons, faith and fiction.

// Ange is an author from the east coast of North Carolina. She started writing with Frog and Toad fan fiction in second grade and never stopped. Ange enjoys jazz music, swing dancing, traveling, coffee, and mentoring troubled youth. Her current projects include two separate YA fantasy series, a memoir, a compilation of adult short stories, and some poetry. Her debut book, Transgression, was released on 11.11.17 and is helping to raise support for human trafficking victims by donating proceeds to the RaphaHouse Non-Profit. Learn more about Brandy Ange at

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