Author Interview Recap – Subgenres, Outlining, World-building, Editing, and Trigger / Content Warnings


Ben and Marie recap Author Interviews

Every so often the lord of calendars brings us a bonus Monday which allows us to bring you a bonus episode. We thought it would be nice to do a recap our Author interviews. Music found in this episode comes from our friend Alto Key. Alto Key is a British indie folk artist, created by singer-songwriter Keian Barton. Barton composes each song at home in Bath, and works with musicians around the world to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Each song found in this episode comes from the Animals EP and can be found on Spotify.

Stick around after the episode and we’ll play my favorite song by this band in full. We have found our featured authors to be encouraging as well as full of unique and useful knowledge.
M. Pepper Langlinais, author of Brynnde: A Regency Romance, on Subgenres.
Scott Stevens, author of On Ice, on Outlining.
Paul Grover, author of Ark of Souls on World-building.
Marie Kammerer Franke, author of A Charming Nightmare on Editing.
Carmilla Voiez, author of Broken Mirror and other Morbid Tales on Trigger Warnings.

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