Ark of Souls by Paul Grover – Science Fiction Enhanced Audiobook Introduction


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Ark of Souls by Paul Grover

This week Indie Beginning introduces readers to the science fiction novel Ark of Souls, book 1 of the Vale series by indie author Paul Grover. On the Outer Frontier the FSS Berlin, an ageing Federal Navy Cruiser disrupts a pirate attack on a corporate freighter. Mira Thorn, an emotionally damaged veteran of the Martian War of Independence is dispatched to investigate the heavily damaged vessel. The broken ship becomes Mira and her companion’s only hope of survival as events spiral out of their control.


Paul Grover was one of the first people to submit to the podcast and has been a great support ever since. Ark of Souls was originally set to air back in February, but Paul allowed us to push his story back so that we could teach ourselves how to add sound effects to a story. We can’t thank him enough for trusting us with his work and hope that you enjoy the enhanced audio version of this indie read! Purchase your copy here.
Did you know that there is a place not far from your home where you can solve crimes, save lives, travel to distant planets filled with new lifeforms? A place where you can fight a dragon, become whoever you have ever dreamed of being all while learning how to prepare a Turducken? This week’s episode is brought to you by your local Library. Turn off your television, unplug your PS4, and set down your phone for just a couple hours a week and get lost in a book. And when your done turn that phone back on and subscribe to the podcast on Applepodcasts or GooglePlay and let us know if you’re enjoying the show by leaving a review.
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As always – Read more books, be the best possible you, and thanks for listening.

-Ben and Marie-

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