Brynnde: A Regency Romance by M. Pepper Langlinais an Audiobook Format Introduction


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Brynnde: A Regency Romance by M. Pepper Langlinais an Audiobook Format Introduction

This week we bring you the Regency Romance Brynnde written by Indie Author M. Pepper Langlinais. This light, bubbly historical romance follows Brynnde Archambault, a young woman adept at finding suiters for her friends and family yet is in desperate need for a match herself before being forced to marry Mr. Dallweather or as she may secretly think of him Dull-weather.
About the Author. M Pepper Langlinais is an award-winning screenwriter whose short script St. Peter in Chains won the Table Read My Screenplay in 2013. Her play “Warm Bodies” has been produced both on stage and as the short film Adverse Possession by Lavender/Hassan Productions, and her Sherlock Holmes stories have been bestsellers on Amazon. Follow this link to learn more on her website.
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