It’s Never Too Late: Beginning Your Writing Career Later in Life

Do you ever wonder if it is too late to start your writing career? Fear not! Many famous authors have accomplished this feat including Toni Morrison. In this episode (Listen here in the background) we discuss reviews left for My Remarkable Little Monkey, by Mark Lages who was in his sixties before pursuing his passion and he is receiving much praise for his works. We will also briefly discuss other famous author who have found their muse as they aged.
Today’s conversation is being fueled by our friends over at Burial Grounds Coffee Company. Head over to and grab a bag of one of their specialty flavors after the show. You can never go wrong with a bag of Deathstar for those days you want just a straight cup of Joe. Remember to subscribe to the show on StitcherRadio, Applepodcasts, or your favorite podcast app. We can also be found on your favorite social media platform or you can subscribe right here on this page. You the listener may join in on these conversations by sending Indie Beginning and audio review of each story episode. Simply record your thoughts into your phone recorder and send it along to or write a review on our ACNBooks website. Become part of our featured author’s stories by helping them learn and grow!

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