My Remarkable Little Monkey

A monkey for happiness? Shakespeare is not just your average monkey, he is remarkable. This week we bring you the indie tale My Remarkable Little Monkey by Mark Langes. (Listen here in the background!) This story follows Marty who is in search of the perfect animal companion, but discovers something much more. This episode is brought to you by the wonderful people over at burialgrounds coffee company. Purchase a bag of DEATHSTAR or one of their unique coffee blends at Remember to subscribe to the show on ApplePodcasts, Stitcher, GooglePlay or your favorite podcast platform to keep up to date with all of the stories and topics! After the show, leave a review of this beginning on our Acnbooks Page, on any of our social media pages using the hashtag #indiebeginningreview or send us an audio file to We’d even love for you to rate us on your favorite podcast platform. Music found in this week’s episode was written and performed by Phillip Weigl.

One Reply to “My Remarkable Little Monkey”

  1. I loved the feel good vibe of this story. I was somehow digging a deep dark hole for myself this week and this tale of monkey business pulled me out of it.

    Sometimes that’s all a story needs to do, make you smile and cheer you up.

    I have questions though…is Shakespear a regular monkey or a genius super smart monkey? Only one way to find out – his has totally gone on my reading list., I also want a monkey, things are always better with a monkey.


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