Episode 3: Dance of the Butterfly by Scott Carruba

This week we introduce readers to Scott Carruba’s dark urbButterfly, Lamppost, indie, beginning, Scott Carruba, Scott, Carruba, Black, White, Greyan fantasy Dance of the Butterfly about two warring families that must uphold a secret duty to protect humanity from a common enemy. This story chases danger, secrets, serial killers, and savage influences. After the show, stop by Acnbooks.com and leave a review. Reviews can also be left on Facebook, Twitter, or even in the comment section where you found this show. Write them, record an MP3, even video your review; we’ll find a home for them. Thanks for listening!
Listen to Episode 3 here! (The show will open in a new tab so you can listen in the background) Be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcasting platform. ItunesGooglePlayStitcherTuneInRadioLibsyn
Listen next week as we read the reviews for Scott Carruba’s Dance of the Butterfly and discuss Taboo Topics!
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