Thank you, Mr. Rowe

Today I would like to thank another man that has no idea who I am or how much he has #inspired me.
I have been a fan of Mike Rowe for many years. He was a great host on Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe and he has an amazing ability to tell a story (if you haven’t checked it out The Way I Heard It is worth every second of your time! Most importantly I am a fan of the way Mr. Rowe promotes and tries to destigmatize jobs that people find low or beneath them. Skilled labor is important and there is nothing low about it. We are warm, safe, fed and healthy (thank your local plumber!) because of each of these individuals. More so Mr. Rowe has helped me realize that a job helping others is especially important in this world, and that is how Indie Beginning got started. Thank you Mr. Rowe and everyone at Dirty Jobs / The Way I Heard It!

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