Thank you, Mr. Hardwick

With only a week left before our Indie Beginning #podcast goes “live” I (Ben) would like to take the next few days to thank a few people that have no idea who I am or how much they #inspired me, but without them this may not have become possible.
For many years I’ve listened to podcasts to help pass the time in my truck, but my love for them began with the Nerdist show. I remember hearing about Stitcher Radio and the Nerdist show and thought that I’d give it a chance as I was running out of audio books. I must have listened to 5 in a row. The show is excellent and the guests are always amazing, but what really got me was Chris Hardwick and his message of “Do your thing”. That night 4 or five years ago I began trying to discover what that “thing” was. I’ve got it now and I’m ready to do my thing. Thank you Mr. Hardwick and everyone over at Nerdist!

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