Building a Successful Website (pt.2 of 3)

Last week we started a 3 part series on building your author page.  Today we will continue with this idea and expand on some simple ways to get website followers:

It’s All About ME!

About pages are among the most frequently visited pages on the internet (Forbes magazine 2015). Your readers want to know more about you, and this is the place to tell them.

  • Stray away from selfies as your author photo, or that amazing vacation picture of you with Goofy from 15 years ago.  Yes, I know, you looked on point in that car selfie this morning! And yes I see that your mirror shot really shows off just how adorable your new haircut is, but again, think of how your readers will look at you and your site without something more professional.

Not to say you can’t have fun.  Indie Beginning kind of broke the geek rules on this one, they chose a more professional set up image for their hello page; but decided to be less formal and more personal in their ‘meet the hosts’ entry.

  • Keep readers interested with a brief author bio. A short glimpse into your ‘normal’ life. What led you to writing, why you write the kind of books you do, what do you love about it?
  • This is not a place for you to advertise a website we are already on, or a link to your book’s amazon or social media page.  Web builders have special little links you can add to the bottom of each page for that (see them down there? The look like a little bird, or an f? How about the Amazon or Goodreads link in the sides? Can you see that?)

Another about us page that shouldn’t be ignored is your sites about this site page.

  • Keep this simple as well, simple title: About Us
  • Be direct, what this site is about. (The ACNBooks about us page is currently under construction, trying to simplify the words that I wrote.  Writers tend to see opportunity for poetry in everything. This is not that opportunity).
  • Strengthen your credibility/celebrity with some reader quotes (more on this below).


Geeks rule #4: Update, update, update.  These two about pages are often forgotten about.  Once or twice a year update them!  Spice is life…

***Additional Geeks note***If a visitor gets to your about page, they’re interested. Ask them to join your email list.


Why do authors make it so difficult for readers to contact them? No one wants to sift through a sea of blog entries or articles to find you!  Who has time to peruse a post dated back in 2014 just to get an email address?

Geeks rule #5: You want to interact, don’t play hard to get.

  • Have a contact tab in your main menu that leads to a page with your preferred ways to be contacted. You don’t have to list every possible way you can be found (no one needs to call my mom Wednesday nights, because that’s where I’ll be for dinner), stick to the best ways.
  • If you use a contact form, make sure it’s simple and you’re only asking for the info you require to get back to that person.
  • When entering your email address, use: yourname[dot]comto avoid spam harvesters (you know who they are – they’re the reasons why we now have to specify “I am not a robot” when clicking on certain pages).
  • You can also encourage your readers to get in touch with you via the social media platforms you are most active on.
  • Provide multiple ways for people to contact, follow and Like you. It’s not your reader’s job to find you. It’s your job to be where your readers are.

Email Sign Up/Updates

This I will come back to and fill in once ACNBooks figures it out.  It’s currently being added into my manual by our Geeks.  So stay tuned! Or you can comment with how this works!

“I loved this book!”-Douglas Adams

  • Reviews can go a long way, they’re not put there just for your Goodreads or Amazon book page.  We all have them right?  In the upcoming weeks I’ll explain just how powerful a review is, and how to get them.
  • When you do get them use a short statement clip from a couple on your site. You don’t need the entire quote (reviews on Goodreads tend to be very long, take snippets from them, not the entire thing.)  Usually one sentence, or a handful of words is enough (try not to make them longer than 2 lines per review on your site).
  • A perfect location for your reviews is your About page or Homepage.


We did an entire article about the importance of social media, so for Social Media and your website I’ll only put in a couple of notes:

1-use the widgets provided by your web builder.  WordPress has some amazing free tools to help link your social media to your site.  They are pretty and easily recognized around the world.

Or you can create one (or so I’m told…remember I’m not tech savvy).

2- Now that it’s there, link them together.  So anything on your website immediately gets put on your social media formats.


Next week the ACN geeks will give you their final tips on your author site.

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