It Takes a Village to Raise an Author

“It Takes a Village…”

I am not sure why this quote entered my mind this morning; it was probably something said on NPR while I was still half in “Ben-land” getting up for the day. It occurred to me that this idea works for books as well. Books are like our children. Some are planned while others just happen naturally out of the blue. We bring them to life and do our best to instill everything in them that we hope to offer to the world. Some succeed and some do not. Feedback from others in the society of story lovers is necessary for authors to raise their stories to that which is required. Without feedback we simply continue down the same path as before. Our children will still grow into something, but who knows what.
Go back to where you find your stories and comment on the last work you read. Did you finish it, or was it one you had to set aside. Let the Author know how you felt about their work. Even if you could not get through the whole work (not all literature is for everyone) there was something that piqued your interest. What was that? Where did the Author lead you astray? I understand that the phrase “It takes a village…” tends to lead to imagery of neighbors spanking children that are not their own. This is not my meaning. I am not talking about beating an author down. There are respectful ways to honestly critique a persons work. Feelings may be hurt, but we authors tend to live in a dream land anyways. We will live, will continue on, and we will be better for it!


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