Harvey meets Dorothy

Just a quick note on Harvey and then it’s back to work for us!

For those of you who don’t know our favorite person Dorothy; here’s Dorothy summed up in two pictures:

Born in the 1920’s Dorothy has lived through so many experiences; from depressions, civil right, cold wars, world wars, to babies, weddings, deaths, and blizzards.

A quick visit to Dorothy would be an afternoon going through pictures and hearing stories (our favorite is how as a little girl she and her siblings would sell cloth to the men building roads in Syracuse. an nickle for dry and a dime for wet.)

Her story is still being written…

At 94, Dorothy traveled (not flew…traveled) from our neighborhood in New York to Texas so she could be closer to her family (who are each just as special to us as she is).

At 94, she met Hurricane Harvey, and got to have a National Guard chauffeur when leaving her new home.

Today, she’s still smiling, still LIVING life, still being adventurous, and still being the voice of calm in chaos for everyone around.

We all should grow up to be Dorothy!

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