Broken Mirror & other morbid tales




Here’s the thing about horror, it’s either beautiful in the way it makes that chill run, like the way “Silent Hill” manages no matter how many times you experience it. Or its…its cheesy, let’s say a “Leprechaun” level of B rating.
Broken Mirror is definitely no Leprechaun. well, ok, fine one Leprechaun, but don’t worry there are plenty more stories than that one in this collection!
You might even find yourself reading a story which such Poe like romantic irony you have to re-read that particular one twice! It was by far my favorite, very poetic, & very sweetly written. For that story alone (Impatient for Death) the entire book is worth a read.

For those if you that need more, the entire collection covers a wide array of fears, pain, emotion. Each character takes you on an instance. One single moment in their existence. You are just lucky enough to get them at their worst. That is probably the best part. You don’t know the beginning, or the end, all you get to see is this snapshot. No background, no foreshadowing, no development to this very instance, no clue as to what happens after the dust has settled. I love the “snapshot” story telling this collection gives you.

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    1. Hi Jennifer. Thank you for commenting. I don’t think books normally have trigger warnings, but to find out more about why I chose to include them in this collection tune in to the podcast next week when Marie and I discuss the subject. Carmilla

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