Whitby After Dark

Whitby After Dark by Stella Coulson is a novel about a young girl trying to fit into a new town, a new place where nothing ordinary is as it seems when it comes to the inhabitants. Along her short story the main character Lenore stumbles into Whitby’s secret, a life other than that of any normal high school’s student; filled with vampires, ghosts, beasts and creatures. There is no time to process anything surrounding her as there is a crime to be solved, and she is the link to solving it.
The very first handful of pages, I was mesmerized by the unfolding of what I thought would be a heart wrenching tale of sexual abuse. However, just like Lenore we were swept away (for the most part) from that story line into a world of creatures. The entire book was under 100 pages, and it left something to be desired character wise, plot wise, setting wise…you’re left feeling rushed or confused, and parts left me wanting to explore Lenore and her unusual talent more than I was given the opportunity.

The entire supernatural theme in addition to the sparse development of characters gave you more of a sense that the entire story about Whitby was a dream, so close, but yet the cat has your tongue. That was a new experience for me to go through when reading a book, and it made the lack of development make more sense.

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