Iniquity by Melody Winter


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Iniquity by Melody Winter

Iniquity is a very beautifully described story, about one girls journey through her assigned place in a demon ruled dystopian world. The way Melody Winter writes you can feel the weather through the description as well as see blindly in darkness as the lead character Athena fumbles her way through a life that she wants no part in.
Almost instantly, I adored Paymon as he went from Athena’s village demon, the stories villain, to a compassionate companion. I couldn’t wait to hear what he had to say, see how much further his true nature (not that of his demon side) came forward.

And then he was ripped from the story…

It was heartbreaking…

His replacement, Erebus completely rubbed me the wrong way, from the very first sentence he’s written in all I saw in his imagery was Gaston from ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ That visual never went away.  Even when he became the hero opposite of his love interest Athena. 

It didn’t change the way the book was written, the imagery was just as vivid and this quick read is something I would recommend to someone who doesn’t normally read dystopian apocalyptic type novels. It is an easy way into the genre.

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