What I’ve learned along the way

I recently did an guest blog at booksandbeyondreviews.com which talked about being an indie author.  This articles success made me realize that a lot of people are leaning towards the indie approach versus the traditional.  Let me share some of the things from this post that I learned.  As I try new things I'll share, …

A Charming Nightmare’s Virtual Book Tour

Unknowingly I ended up in a virtual book tour, it was a short tour, a handful of interviews and one guest blog.  The entire experience was new, exhausting, repetitive,  a TON of fun and great for my bank accounts self-esteem! Here are the stops on our little tour... http://bookreadermagazine.com/featured-author-marie-kammerer-franke/ http://pretty-hot.com/marie-kammerer-franke/ http://awesomegang.com/marie-kammerer-franke/ https://emmathelittlebookworm.wordpress.com/2017/05/11/authortakeover-with-marie-kammerer-franke-acnbooks/ Save