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40,000 years after Earth’s demise we are still trying to settle. That’s what the survivors are called now, settlers. Survivor, by the way, is derogatory word. So are words like gadget, computer, and machine. Those are people. We evolve into them, and something in the mechanics that make up a human is killing. That’s where I come in, not intentionally mind you, but forcibly by our distant descendants. They could be a little more hospitable, and offer a tissue when telling you that your family, job, hairdresser, and newspaper boy are all dust. But they don’t. So you compromise; you translate children’s books for scientists who cannot read or write its written language in hopes of curing their diseased parts, and in return they back you up when you start a war to end all wars on their front lawn. Sounds fair, right?


That is the blurb written on the back of my novel A Charming Nightmare.  At the time that I wrote it, I thought a book blurb was going to be the hardest thing I would have to do as an author.  Truth be told it was nothing in comparison to the next steps in front of me.

An author is now a dime a dozen; everyone has a voice, and we are all shouting over each other to have that voice heard.  My dream has always been taking ACN from a family tale to something listed on the NY Times best seller list.  Life is funny; how your hopes, dreams, and aspirations mature as you do.  And now ACN has hit adulthood, turning into ACNBooks.  A coffee house that serves books instead of cream and sugar.

For authors; ACNBooks invites you to take a peek through each door we open to help you along this journey.  We will constantly be changing; sharing what works, what doesn’t.  At ACNBooks we will bring shed some light in the moments where you are stuck.  Whether it be marketing, publishing, editing, beta testing, brain storming, and any other little tidbits to help your voice gain momentum.  Or in the very least we hope you find support in the other authors at our table.

Readers; come on in! We have plenty of books waiting to connect with you! Learn all the pages have to say, and discuss everything bookish with other bookworms.

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Indie Beginning is an audiobook format podcast focused on bringing readers and indie authors together through reviews and dialog. Every month the hosts, Ben and Marie, will read the beginning of two independently published novels and then read reviews sent in by the listeners along with a topic specific to that story on the following week’s episode. Our hope is to help indie authors grow through the feedback given by the people who love stories. Listen to all of the episodes here!

book, piano, headphone, author, indie author, submission, accepting submissionsAuthors, Musicians, and Artists, Indie Beginning is now OPEN for submissions! Our Submissions Page has everything you will need to know and it is important that you read about the submission process first. We cannot wait to read your stories.

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